11 Interesting Facts about Metal Recycling

Metal plays a huge role in our lives. These handy elements are not just useful for creating all sorts of structures and products, it is the key link that enabled civilizations to develop. In prehistoric times, metal was simply a tool used to create weapons and since man was able to extract these elements from natural sources metals have played a huge role in the advancement of all industries such as agriculture, transport and so much more.

Metal is a precious object that needs to be treated with great respect. Every piece of metal you see around you was once harvested from the earth through extensive processes that not only disrupted natural environments but also polluted the air through manufacturing processes. It is so important to utilize metal pieces as best possible by handing these items in at metal recycling companies such as Danny Scrap Metal.

Car and metal recycling doesn’t just breathe new life into metal items that are no longer in good function, it also benefits the environment and economy. The metal recycling industry is incredibly interesting. If you don’t know much about this industry then you will definitely find the following metal recycling facts interesting.

1. Good for the environment
Recycling metal reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and other gasses because the extraction process from natural resources has a much bigger impact on the environment than simple recycling processes.

2. Reduces the impact on natural resources
For every ton of steel that is recycled the impact on natural resources is reduced by 1.136kg iron ore, 454kg coal, and 18kg limestone.

3. Use a magnet to identify metal types
A magnet is a good tool to help you identify certain metal types. Steel is magnetic and aluminium metal is non-magnetic and won’t stick to the magnet.

4. Benefit local construction projects
By recycling scrap metals such as iron and aluminium you are also benefiting construction projects such as new roads and bridges.

5. Useful for all types of products
Scrap metal is repurposed into all types of new products such as building materials, bikes, cars, aircrafts, kitchen tools and so much more.

6. Supports the economy
The scrap metal industry is important in the economy because it supports so many other industries and is valuable for creating jobs.

7. Saves energy
Less energy is required for repurposing recycled metals than is required for creating metals from natural sources because fewer processes are required and these recycled metals are melted at a much lower temperature.

8. Aluminium smelting process
When aluminium is created it is converted from a mine ore called Bauxite that is converted into alumina which is a fine white powder. The powder is smelted at over 700o which turns it into aluminium. This extreme smelting process is incredibly expensive and puts a lot of strain on resources such as energy and fuel.

9. Reduce CO2 emissions
Metal recycling reduces CO2 emissions that are created through mining, transportation and smelting processes and thus reduces air pollution or the greenhouse effect.

10. Smaller landfill sites
When metal is recycled, these items are not dumped in landfills. Smaller sites are cleared fur dumping these waste materials.

11. Packaging metals are wasted
Metal in packaging materials such as aluminium foil is very light and as a result, people don’t recycle these items nearly as much as they should or could. These metals are often wasted at homes, schools, businesses and much more where they could have been put to good use.

When you understand the recycling industry and metal recycling processes better, it becomes easier to see exactly why metal recycling is so important. Go and collect all of those metal pieces on your property now and drop them off at Danny Scrap Metal. Is your Scrap Car starting to rust on your back lawn? We will happily take it off our hands! You won’t just benefit the environment but can also get paid for unwanted and broken items you no longer need.