5 Places in Your Home Where You Can Find Scrap Metal

Selling off old scrap metal is a great way to make some extra spending money. This is also a great way to declutter and get rid of old junk that might be taking up too much space in your home or garden. 

Lots of people don’t even realize just how much scrap metal they have on their hands simply because all your scrap metal isn’t piled up in one heap. When you start collecting metal items and junk you don’t want anymore, you will quickly find that you have a lot more to sell than you ever thought possible. If it is time for you to clean up your home or garden or to look for scrap metal then you should scan the following places in your home right now;

In Your Kitchen

The kitchen contains quite a few metal items. There is copper piping in your water lines and power lines. Aluminium is found indoors, window frames, and all those soda cans you just dunked into the trash are also made of this precious metal. Steel is found in chairs and cabinets, you probably have brass door handles and that old set of cast iron pots and pans that you never use can bring in quite a lot of cash.

In Your Living Room

The living room doesn’t contain quite as much metal as other areas in the house. But even here you will find metals like copper in cables and wiring, aluminium in window frames and doors, steel in shelves and chairs, brass in handles or iron in old window bars.

In Your Bathroom

The bathroom might seem like it only has porcelain but here you will also find quite a few sources of metal. There is metal in your bathroom wiring, the plumbing is likely copper, the door and window frames are likely aluminium, pipe valves could consist of bronze and furniture or cabinets might have quite a bit of steel.

In the Garage

The garage is usually the richest source of metal in and around the house. This is because there are so many tools that are made of metal and the garage is ideal for storing up old vehicles that no longer run. Your garage shelving can also have lots of steel and the garage is where you will be storing other items such as musical instruments, bathroom fixtures, gutters, and other pieces of offcut metal. This is also where you might be housing an engine block with lots of steel or a spare set of aluminium rims that you probably will never use.

In the Garden or Yard

The garden or yard is also a good spot to go hunting for some metal. Old garden tools such as shovels are made of steel, wire fencing, gates, and other fixtures could have lots of iron. There could be old pipes lying about in the property or an old broken down car could be hiding away underneath a tree where you parked it many moons ago. 

Danny Scrap Metal 

Naturally, you cannot just pluck all of these metal items out of your home for selling. But you can pile up the things you no longer use or sell old metal pieces that might have been replaced with new ones inside your home. 

Once you have collected a nice and big heap of metal, you should visit Danny Scrap Metal to get these heavy and space-consuming items sold at a fair price. Selling old metal isn’t just a good way to make some extra money, it is also a terrific way to help the environment and recycling industries.