5 Ways to Get Money for Your Early New Year’s Projects

2021 is here and we are all too happy to say goodbye to all the hardships we experienced in 2020. By now you probably have quite a few items penned down on your New Year resolutions list. It is good to have some New Year’s resolutions because they give you a specific goal to work towards and they push you to work harder so you can achieve more.

The only downside to New Year’s resolutions is that they can be expensive. Gym membership fees are never cheap, weight loss products are always pricey, health foods are expensive and all of those home renovations you want to do this year are bound to cost quite a lot.

If you want to get to work on your resolutions then the first thing you likely need to do is to get your hands on more money. Here is a quick look at some of the best ways to make money quickly so you can get to work on all of those exciting resolutions.

01. Sell Scrap Metal

Collecting and selling scrap metal is one of the best ways to make money fast. Scrap metal companies like Danny Scrap Metal are always happy to take any type of metal off your hands at a fair price. The more scrap metal you collect, the more money you can make since scrap metal values are linked to weight. 

Take a quick look around the house and start piling up all of your metal goods. You can also pop in with friends and family to see if they also might have some broken metal goods like an old vehicle or stove that they can offer you. 

02. Sell Unused Goods

Speaking of selling, you might want to check out your garage and other parts of your home for items you hardly ever use. We all buy things that we regret but that doesn’t mean that you have to dunk these items in the trash. Collect anything in your home that wasn’t used over the past 12 months and start selling these on local yard sales. Items like an old camera, an old phone, some old clothes that no longer fit, old lamps and furniture or an extra set of cutlery can be worth quite a lot of money if you can find a good buyer. 

03. Flip Things

Another good way to make some money is by flipping products. Flipping furniture and vehicles involves buying these items from others at a very good price. You then re-sell these items so you can make a profit on the initial investment. Some people are remarkably good at trading or flipping. One woman even ended up trading a bobby pin for a house back in February 2020.

04. Play the Stock Market

This money-making method is only for those with stock experience and for those who have a bit of money that they might want to double in the next few months to come. A lot of people are tremendously successful at playing stocks and some even make a living out of buying and selling stocks or crypto currencies.

05. Consider a Second Job

Lots of people are working two jobs at once to earn a living or to make some extra money. A sideline job can be a wonderful way to learn new things and might just get you the extra funding you need for your other 2021 goals. Keep an eye on the local newspaper and news feeds to see if there are any openings for temporary assistants.

Making extra money isn’t always easy but the extra effort you put in will eventually pay off when you can finally start ticking off those bucket list items you have always dreamt of doing.