6 Car Types You Can Sell For Scrap Metal

One of the perks of living in a free and modern world is the ability to choose what we want to drive. Everyone is unique in their personality, body features, and their tastes. While there are lots of people that love specific vehicle types, you will never find a situation where everyone loves a certain type of car. Variety is important because if everyone loved the same things we wouldn’t have so many different car types, brands, makes and models to choose from and we would be very limited in functionality because people just wouldn’t change or improve cars when they already like what they have. 

Just take a moment to imagine a world without a motorcycle, or a world in which family cars just didn’t exist because everyone found pickup trucks more to their liking. It would be truly bleak.

While you love a specific scrap car companies like Danny’s Scrap Metal isn’t very fussy about the type of cars they buy at all. Scrap metal industries are more interested in the metal ingredients of your vehicle than the decorative exterior and shape. All vehicles have the same “genetic makeup” in that they are all made of specific metals such as steel, aluminium, lead, and other non-metal materials. Scrap metal industries desire all of these metal types because all ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be recycled into new products. Basically, this means that we love all car types including the following;

  • Family Cars

Family cars are also referred to as passenger cars. These vehicles can be a hatchback, sedan or even convertible in design and can vary from small to large. They usually contain four or more seats and four doors with a boot. Family vehicles can also have alternative designs such as SUV’s that are typically higher off the ground or crossovers that combines features of SUV and hatchback. 

  • Sports Cars

Those shiny and fast sports cars sure are beautiful but because these vehicles are so fast and lovely to drive, they often wind up in scrap yards. The sports car category is quite vast and includes concept vehicles, convertible vehicles, coupe vehicles with 2 seats and more. 

  • UTE Or Pickup Trucks

Utility vehicles or pickup trucks are the most popular semi-commercial vehicles on the market. This is because these vehicles offer comfortable seating for two to 4 people and they allow you to haul items away on your truck thanks to the back compartment. These vehicle types also include a variety of designs, such as 4×4, 2×4, 2 door and 4 door vehicles and they can also vary greatly in engine size and brand.

  • Busses And Minibuses

Busses and minibuses are considered public vehicles. They consist of multiple seats and also come in various shapes and sizes. You can get minibuses suitable for families or invest in those huge busses to transport large groups of people. 

  • Vans

Vans are mostly used to transport products and goods in various industries. These can also vary in size and function and includes anything from mini-vans to huge campervans.

  • Trucks

Mini trucks to big trucks are not quite as common in scrap yards but they are still a very welcome edition since these bigger vehicles contain significantly more metal than your average small car. 

Scrap metal companies welcome all vehicles from the tiniest car to the biggest trucks. If you have an old and wrecked car to sell and want to get a fair price for your old vehicle then the best thing you can do for yourself and the environment is to sell to a scrap metal company.