6 Types of Metal That Is In Demand Right Now

Scrap metal companies like Danny Scrap Metal are always hungry for new metals that they can buy up from the public and companies.  Dealing in scrap metal is a good way to clean up the environment, reduce the demand on our natural resources and can even help reduce air and soil pollution.

If you are busy cleaning up about the yard or renovating a building then you might find you have quite a bit of scrap metal lying about.  It is handy to be able to identify different types of metal and to know which ones are quite valuable. Certain metal types have a much greater value in recycling industries than others.  

It helps to separate your metal types before delivering it to a scrap metal company.  In scrap metal industries, the metal is weighted and payment is made based on the weight and type of metal you offer. Mixed loads of metal can contain a variety of metal types.  By separating these metals and weighting them independently, you could earn a lot more money for your metals.

In this quick guide, we are going to have a look at the most popular or most profitable scrap metals that you need to look out for if you are looking to make some good money from old pieces of metal.


This is one of the most common metals found around the house.  It is the third most-used metal in manufacturing. This metal is also highly sought after in scrap metal companies and they do pay quite a lot for this specific metal.  A good way to collect as much copper as you can is by checking electrical appliances, plumbing pipes, and wiring for this precious metal. Many other items like statues, decorations, appliances, pots and pans, and even cutlery can also contain copper.  Generally, copper is identified by its red sheen.


Brass metals are not the easiest to identify.  Brass can look gold when it is clean. This metal is often found in old ornamental objects like candlesticks and trophies. 

The metal is also used to make brass fittings, door handles, knockers and bed frames.  Brass is quite valuable and scrap metal companies are willing to pay a very fair price for this metal.


Silver is another metal that is very high in demand.  Surprisingly; scrap metal companies often offer much more for scrapped or used silver than jewellery companies are willing to pay.  This metal is used to make jewellery, silverware, medals, antique vases and much more.


You can find aluminium in a variety of modern products.  They are used to make soda cans, tin foil, screen door frames, storm windows, air conditioning units and they are often used in mobile homes.  Aluminium is also found in wiring. This metal can yield quite a few profits if you decide to sell them to scrap metal companies.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very common metal in Australia.  In some cases, the metal is considered less valuable than others because the metal is so common.  The price of this metal did, however, increase significantly these past few years c. The price you get for used stainless steel products depends on the grade and weight of the metal.  This metal increased in price because it is now used in a much greater variety of appliances such as white goods, kitchenware, kitchen counters, furniture and even in jewellery manufacturing.


Gold is a precious metal that is worth far more than most types of scrap metal.  The metal is quite scarce because most people don’t realize that they can offer their old jewellery to scrap metal companies.  Old and broken pieces of gold can earn quite a fair price if you sell it to scrap metal companies.

Selling to a scrap metal company sure does pay.  This is one of the best industries to leverage if you find yourself in a pinch where you might need to make money fast.