8 Interesting Things about Scrap Metal Recycling In 2020

Metal plays a huge role in our lives. Most of the things around you are built using metal. Metal is used in all sorts of objects including the glasses we use to sip beverages, the structures found in our homes and businesses, the appliances we use every day to make food and so much more.

One of the best things about metal is that it is a recyclable material. When metal is repurposed, it is can be transformed into just about any type of object. Recycling metal is much better for the environment as opposed to harvesting these materials from natural resources. 

The recycling industry is incredibly interesting and so important for the future of our planet and for various industries here in Australia. Here are nine things you might not know about scrap metal recycling just yet.

01. Recycling One Can Save Enough Power to Run a TV Set for 3 Hours

It is estimated that recycling a single aluminium can saves enough energy to keep your TV set running for three hours. This is quite shocking considering just how many cans will go to waste if these products never reach recycling industries. Just about 700 degrees is required to transform Bauxite powder into aluminium. As you can imagine, this is quite a lot of energy consumption just to produce a single metal.

02. Metal Recycling Is Excellent For the Economy

Recycling metal consumes less energy and resources than harvesting these metals from the earth. This industry helps manufacturing companies save a lot of money on their productions. The rise of these industries also creates numerous job opportunities all over Australia. 

03. Recycling Steel Saves a Lot of Natural Resources

When one ton of steel is recycled, more than one ton of iron ore, 500kg of coal and 18kg of limestone is saved. This is excluding all of the fuel required for harvesting these materials from natural resources, not to mention the impact these processes have on the natural environment.

04. You Can Use a Magnet to Identify Your Metal Type

Magnets can be used to identify what type of scrap metal you have on hand. If the magnet sticks to your metal, it is steel. If it doesn’t stick to your metal then it is aluminium or another type of metal.

05. Scrap Metal Is Repurposed By Many Modern Industries

Scrap metal is processed into many different forms. These metals are leveraged by various industries. In construction industries, scrap metals like iron and aluminium are used in building materials. In the transportation industry, the recycled metal is used to produce vehicles and aircraft. In the transportation industry, most shipping containers are made from recycled metal and assists in transporting goods across the globe.

06. You Can Recycle Kitchen Tin Foil

Kitchen tin foil is made of light aluminium. This material is often discarded in households which a complete waste is considering just how valuable aluminium is.

07. Scrapping Your Car Will Save Tons of Raw Material This Year

When you sell an old car for scrap metal you save about 55 kg limestone, 635kg coal and 1134 kg iron ore. This is good motivation to sell your car to a good recycling company instead of dunking it at a landfill.

08. Too Much Steel Is Still Being Sent To Landfills

Australians waste a lot of steel. It is estimated that enough steel is sent to landfills each year to produce 40,0000 fridges. Metal objects like steel cans, cars, and broken appliances are some of the most common items that are discarded instead of being repurposed.

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