Car Parts We Are Happy To Take Off Your Hands

As a scrap metal company, pour business helps keep landfills and the environment clean. We assist in various recycling processes and we are responsible for turning old junk metal into scrap metal that will eventually be used for creating many new products.

Many people have a couple of old car parts lying around the yard, especially if you are a mechanic or someone that occasionally does his own auto repairs. A few extra car parts can help you out of a pickle at times but will also take up huge amounts of space in your garage or yard and can make everything seem a bit messy and untidy.

If it is time for you to tidy up a bit and get rid of old junk you don’t need then we welcome you to giveDanny’s Scrap Metal a call. Our scrap metal company is constantly looking for materials that we can use and you can give us a call or drop any of the following types of car parts off at our company.

Car Batteries

Car batteries contain lots of lead – a metal that can be extracted to produce new batteries as well as all sorts of other items.

Car Rims

Most vehicle rims are made of aluminum. This is a very valuable metal amongst scrap companies and you should be able to fetch a fair price for old car rims that might be dented or out of date.


Vehicle tyres can be recycled into new tires as well as other types of rubber products. While most people leave their tyres at tyre dealers, we also use these parts of your car for recycling purposes.

Car Body Parts

That old car hood, those dented doors and even that fender that is lying in your garage are absolutely wanted by our scrap metal company. Car body parts are mostly made of metal and are the type of material that is most commonly collected in scrap metal companies. These metals can be used in manufacturing all sorts of new things including building materials.

Vehicle Engines

A vehicle’s engine is incredibly heavy because the engine block is a solid cast of iron or aluminum alloy.  You can certainly get a fair price for old engine parts, an engine block and even for the entire engine when you give our company a call.

Engine Parts

Any steel or iron engine parts such as cooling systems, bearings, transmission, cylinder head, pistons, tappet, distributor and much more can also be turned into scrap metal and is a welcome recycling material at our recycling company.

Vehicle Suspension

Suspension parts such as air springs, shock absorbers, and linkages are also made of iron or steel and can also be sold to our company.

Vehicle Frames

You can also sell an old vehicle chassis or the framework of an old car or even truck to our company in exchange for some spending money.

At Danny’s Scrap Metal we won’t just help you tidy up and get rid of old junk you don’t need. We will also pay you a fair amount for old car parts, even though these parts might be completely broken and trashed. Simply heap up all the old car parts you have at your property andgive us a call to come and collect these heavy and space consuming items. We will pay you good money upon collection and make it easier for you to keep your property nice and clean.