Cash Emergency? – Scrap Metal Can Help You Out

Do you have a cash emergency? We all get into these tight spots at one point or another. Accidents happen all the time, home and car breakdowns can happen at any moment and if you have kids then sudden medical bills or unexpected expenses become part of your budget plan. Perhaps you just didn’t budget accurately or maybe you simply came across something you really need. Whatever your cash emergency may be; don’t feel alone. Money issues happen and will continue to happen throughout your life.

There are quite a few ways you can get the cash you need for your emergency. Most people will rush to a bank, friends, and family or a private lender or bank to take out a loan. This can be a terrific solution but in the end, you will have to pay that money back.

At  Danny Scrap Metal we have a way for you to get your hands on some emergency cash that involves no grovelling or repayment plans. Our solution is the ultimate way for you to get out of your cash emergency.

How We Can Help You in Your Cash Emergency

We buy scrap metal of any kind. You can collect any old metal junk, hardware, tools, vehicles, vehicle parts and more and sell these items to  Danny Scrap Metal. We will pay you a fair amount of money for your old scrap metal. If you have quite a big load of scrap metal such as an old car then we can even pick it up from your property free of charge.

What Type Of Scrap Metal Can You Sell?

There are lots of metal items in and around the house that you can sell to get money in your emergency. Take a look around the house and yard. There could be a lot of metal items that you haven’t used in years, that are broken down or old and that you probably won’t use anyway.

Here are some quick examples of the many metal items you can sell to  Danny Scrap Metal.

  • Any old, broken down and even rusted car can be sold for quite a fair price.
  • Bombs in any condition can be sold. We pay in weight and not for the condition of your old car
  • Old taps and plumbing pipes, valves and connectors
  • Aluminium foil
  • Steel, aluminium or stainless tools
  • Trolleys
  • Old broken down and even rusted trailers
  • Aluminium sidings such as gutters and downspouts
  • Wire including copper wire, electric wiring, and fencing wire
  • Old steel doors
  • Security doors
  • Old window frames
  • Door frames
  • Steel barbecues and grills
  • Pots and pans that are made of steel or aluminium
  • Steel Cutlery
  • Metal offcuts
  • Metal bedposts and headboards
  • Car parts such as engine blocks, doors, hoods and rims
  • Old car batteries
  • Building materials that contain metal
  • Metal white goods such as old fridges, washing machines and more

Give Us a Call for a Free Quote

Gather all of your old metal items, take a photo and contact us for a free quote on everything you have. If you have enough metal goods to sell then we will even collect it from your property free of charge and pay you on the spot for all of your old metal junk.

Getting rid of your scrap Car is the perfect way to get money during an emergency. At Danny Scrap Metal we pay based on the weight of your metal and we pay you the full amount directly. You will be surprised at just how much emergency money you can generate by simply cleaning up the yard, freeing up space and getting rid of old scrap you don’t need.