NOTE: Due to new laws prohibiting transaction in cash for cars, we now accept either bank transfer or cheque.
Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible for incorrect bank details sent to us.
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      At Danny Scrap Metal, we will buy your scrap cars and pay cash, making this entire process quick, easy, and stress free. Contact us today for a free quote, you may be surprised what instant money selling your old scrap cars can bring you.

      Many people have unwanted cars taking up space on their property – likely never to be touched again and probably deteriorating with disuse. Sometimes it may be a hobby car or restoration project abandoned or lost interest, sometimes people buy a first car super cheap but now it needs more repairs than its worth. Or perhaps the car was involved in an accident or used for spare parts. Whatever the reason – we can and will pay top cash for anything you may have lying around. At Danny Scrap Metal, we can dismantle old cars meaning you can keep whatever parts you would like.

      We buy unwanted cars, and specialise in car wrecking meaning you can keep as many parts of the car as you wish. We accept scrap cars in almost any condition – whether they’re a broken down car, battery dead car, wrecked cars, or accident damaged cars, we are car enthusiasts dedicated to providing you with the best cash possible.

      Cash for Cars Melbourne

      Unwanted Free Car Removals

      Handing junk cars over to scrap metal buyers, is great environmentally and economically. Many non-renewable resources are beginning to run low and construction and manufacturing industries are using recycled products more and more. Your junk car can be stripped and used as recyclable materials in other construction, leaving less impact on the environment and putting some extra cash in your pocket. We’ve never heard of anyone complaining about some extra cash.

      Danny Scrap Metal are the perfect company if you would like cash for cars. We offer free quotes, and can beat written quotes. We also offer the best cash for cars services because we can understand the issues that can arise when trying to transport wrecked cars. We also offer cash payment via Cheque or electronic transfer at pickup – making the entire process stress free and easy.

      For friendly and professional service, give us a call on 0416 100 119. We offer free quotes, and will beat any written quote – making us the cash for car services company you can rely on.

      Transport Services

      Transporting a wrecked car can be extremely difficult due to the damage they may have sustained in an accident, cars missing engines or other important parts, or faulty engines – among other reasons – so it can often become a stressful and costly experience.

      We understand how tricky it can be to transport old and damaged cars, so no need to worry about transport because we can offer instant cash for cars and free towing service.

      Our cash for cars service operates all across Melbourne. Cash can be in your account on the spot. Making the entire process of getting rid of a unwanted car straight forward, and stress free.

      Please feel free to give us a call 0416 100 119 and ask about our cash for car services, we are more than happy to answer any questions.

      Scrap Car Prices

      Payment Options

      Due to new laws that have banned cash for cars, we can no longer offer cash. However we still offer cheque and electronic transfer. Payment is made on the spot when we collect your unwanted car or scrap metal.

      We offer cash for cars- give us a call on 0416 100 119 to request a free quote.

      Cars We Accept

      We accept and offer top cash for almost all cars. We pay cash for all car makes and models, regardless of whether they are running or not, accidental or damaged.

      If you are unsure, it is best to give us a call on 0416 100 119 to discuss all of your unwanted vehicle issues.

      Other Services We Offer

      At Danny Scrap Metal, we offer a wide range of quality services all across Melbourne. We also maintain complete transparency every step of the way by providing free upfront quotes.

      These Services Include:

      Dismantling your old cars means you can reuse and recycle as much of the old car parts as possible, which is much better environmentally and economically. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment for our car dismantling services. We offer free towing and free quotes, and pay cash for cars and scrap.

      It happens to a lot of us, sometimes you end up with a car collecting dust in your backyard that you’re never going to do anything with ever again. It might be best to take advantage of our car wrecking and car removal services to clear you property, correctly dispose of the unwanted cars, and stop toxic chemicals entering the environment. At Danny Scrap Metal we offer free quotes, and you’re bound to be happy with the instant Instant payment we offer. Give us a call today for all of your car wrecking needs.

      We offer Instant payment for brass, copper, and aluminium. Recycling brass, copper, and aluminum is great for the environment and is very economical. It also means some extra Instant payment in your pocket – which is never something to complain about. Contact us today to talk more about your recycling options.

      We offer instant Instant payment for cars Melbourne wide, as well as free car removal services to ensure easy and stress free scrap car removal. We offer competitive Instant payment prices, and offer to beat written quotes so you are always getting the best service when you choose Danny Scrap Metal. Due to a recent law that banned paying Instant payment for cars, we primarily pay by cheque or bank transfer. Give us a call today for a free quote.

      To help contain scrap metal from work sites, construction sites, and businesses we offer industrial bin services to ensure everything is being disposed of safely and legally. We also take care of the delivery of the bin and cleaning – as well as all scrap metal from inside the bin at the end, offering our services 6 days a week so we are flexible to your needs. Danny Scrap Metal can help you maintain legal obligations, reduce fees in scrap cleaning, and reduce your impact on the environment. Give us a call today on 0416 100 119 to chat to one of our helpful team members.

      At Danny Scrap Metal we offer a range of quality towing services 24/7, because we understand that often car removal needs are unplanned and stressful. For same day car removals give us a call. We offer services for cars and scrap metal including breakdown towing, dealers cars, heavy equipment and machinery, and car accidents. Our team is reachable 24/7 at 03 9769 2413.

      When not disposed of properly, batteries can leach many dangerous chemicals into the environment which is why it is best to rely on a professional service to ensure they are disposed of correctly and safely. At Danny Scrap Metal we offer Instant payment for cars, used batteries, and scrap our clients offer us.

      Why Choose Our Cash For Car Melbourne Services

      Danny Scrap metal are the obvious choice for all of your scrap metal needs.

      • Our team of professional staff are customer driven and will strive to provide the best customer service possible.
      • We offer free quotes, and will beat previous written quotes.
      • We service Melbourne and surrounding areas, so wherever you are you can count on our services.
      • We pay top dollar for all of your junk cars, scrap metal etc, and offer instant cash for car service to keep the stress off your shoulders.
      • We offer towing services 24/7, so you know you will be taken care of in an emergency.
      • Our regular services are available 6 days a week, so we are flexible and can fit around your busy schedule.
      • We provide our services to both residential and commercial clients – we have the services to suit a wide range of needs.
      • We collect scrap materials in all quantities, so you do not need to worry about not having enough for collection.
      • Our expert team are skilled and experienced at removing scrap safely and efficiently.
      • Many non-renuable resources are running low, so construction and manufacturing industries are relying on scrapyards more and more to recycle these materials. Do your part for the environment and contribute your unwanted scrap.

      Danny Scrap Metal are the best choice for all of your scrap metal needs, feel free to chat to us today for a free quote or ask any questions about our services.

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      Get Cash For Cars in Melbourne On Your Doorstep!

      Even though a car depreciates when you purchase it, it’s one of your dream assets. Suppose you have worked most of your life to buy the car of your dreams. In that case, would you simply buy it to build an asset for your family, or would you fulfil your love for vehicles? Fast-forward your life 15-20 years from the date of purchase, and you’ll see that same vehicle rot in your backyard or garage. What would you do in such a case? Would you instead let it sit idle and occupy that space or contact someone?

      This is where cash for car services comes in handy. And, when it concerns selling your old or junk vehicle for some cash, you would want the right amount. Meanwhile, getting the right deal also depends on the team you have contacted to inspect and tow your car. So, if you want cash for a car worn out beyond repair, Danny’s cash for cars service is your best bet. Whether it is a new car, an old one, or a wrecked vehicle, we are always ready to pay you the best possible price for your car.

      Car Scrapping Made It Easier!

      With our car scrap yard services, you don’t have to worry about negotiating or haggling for a fair price, and you can count on us to offer you precisely the best quotes that are right up there with the current market prices. Our cash for car Melbourne services will help you get rid of your wreckage or salvage, no matter what make or model your car is. Danny’s car scrapping teams focus on giving fast and efficient services, and if you have a scrap car, our team will get it off your hands for the right price in no time, saving you a lot of time and effort.

      No Visiting Car Scrap Yard Anymore!

      Gone are the days when you had to tow your unwanted or junk vehicle from the garage and bring it to the scrap yard of the dealer. This does not happen anymore. Since we live in the modern age, many services have become remote wherein it does not allow the consumers to fret or work towards making the process a bit easier. This also adds to the services many organisations provide in order to stay competitive in the market.

      But, when it concerns Danny Scrap Metal and our scrap cars for cash Melbourne services, all these factors do not bother us. We like to make the entire process straightforward for the junk seller. Right when you place your call, we take your query and dispatch a team of car inspectors to inspect and determine a suitable cash offer for your junk. Accordingly, if you accept the offer, we scrap the vehicle from your garage or yard and tow it away without allowing you to make any effort. All one must do is check the offer and see if it’s agreeable or not.

      Cash For Unwanted Cars Melbourne Solutions

      Cash for cars Melbourne services is offered by getting the correct weight of your scrap car or wrecked vehicle, considering the material being scrapped or salvaged, and then calculating the best value based on all factors. This process allows car scrappers to offer you a fair deal on all our car disposal Melbourne deals.

      Don’t allow your wrecked or worn-out car to sit on your property and gather rust. Clean the space up by selling your scrap car to our car scrap Melbourne services and get the best deal. Our car scrap yards handle everything from wrecked car bodies and copper wiring inside them to engine parts and other salvage.

      Danny Scrap Metal Are Your Ideal Car Scrappers in Melbourne

      With the growing number of cars being sold and newer makes and models being released now and then, scrap cars and worn-out cars are also rising, creating problems for people. Such junk and worn-out cars sit idle on various properties collecting rust. Not only that, but such things also have an environmental impact, which increases once they are sent to a landfill.

      We deal in all kinds of scrap car collection, which is why we understand the gravity of this issue. If you are getting troubled with an old or wrecked car sitting in your garage or barn and are looking for car disposal Melbourne services, you have come to the right place.

      We buy cars in any condition, ranging from almost new to old, worn-out vehicles that are beyond repair. We also make sure that the scrap car collection process is hassle-free for you, and that is why we send our car scrappers to pick up the vehicle from your property. When you are looking for cash for unwanted cars Melbourne services, we have the best teams that work to make things easy and simple for you. Our car pick up Melbourne service is available throughout the city, with our teams efficiently collecting wrecked or scrap cars.

      With our cash for cars services, you can be assured that we pay top dollar for all sorts of cars, whether SUVs, vans, utes, or trucks. The pricing and our quote depend upon the vehicle’s condition, make and model, and how old the car is.

      From Car Pick Up in Melbourne To Car Scrap Yards – Everything You Must Know.

      As already discussed, the new trend in the automobile industry is hiring reliable Cash for Cars services. Adhering to such solutions encourages a buyer to not just take care of the surroundings by initiating car reuse, but it also saves valuable money and time.

      For the record, the entire process of hiring Cash for Cars is also one of the environmentally friendly processes. Once your car has been picked up, it reaches the scrap yard where the body is recycled. This recycling procedure ensures that nature is saved from waste from disassembling useless spare parts and rejected motor vehicles.

      In the modern age, the industry is overflowing with cash for cars service companies, especially in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. Sellers and buyers are rampantly approaching several companies. However, you must select a team that has an untarnished history and is of repute.

      Nevertheless, Hiring Cash For Car Services is One Of The Most Convenient Ways Of Selling Old Cars.

      1.Quick And Smooth Car Collection For Cash:

      Scrap my car Melbourne service is one of the best methods of selling a junk car. This scrap car or scrap cars for cash in Melbourne guarantees quick money. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the hassle-free paperwork process.

      2.Hassle-Free Process:

      The entire procedure involved in such a deal is pretty simplistic and gets over at lightning speed. You must simply pick up your phone and ring Danny Scrap Metal’s cash for car Melbourne team. A team of professionals from cash for scrap Melbourne services will drive to your location for a brief car check and inspection. Post that, they will prepare a report on their observations. Once the seller has communicated about their offer acceptance, they will be provided with a cash/cheque then and there.

      3.Free Car Pickup And Delivery:

      Another advantage of cars removed for cash Melbourne is free car pickup and delivery.

      4.Any Model, Year or Company:

      As service providers, we are least bothered about the car’s make, brand, year or model. We’re focused only on picking up the junk in your barn or yard.

      5.No Via Media or Middleman:

      An ideal part of leveraging such a service is that there’s no middleman involved. A seller can strike a direct deal with our sell car for scrap Melbourne service, saving you from paying out margins and commissions.

      Immediate Cash Offers For Your Scrap Cars in Melbourne

      Danny’s cash for scrap services buy and offer quotes for all kinds of scrap cars, with pick-up facilities available. Our scrap car salvage yards are fully equipped to handle all kinds of makes and models and recycle them accordingly. Once you reach out to us with the details of your car, we will quickly send you a quote. If you agree to the price quoted, we will move ahead and get the sale done to transfer the money into your account swiftly.

      If you have an old car that isn’t used to you anymore or is just sitting in your parking area rusting, you can sell the car to our cash for scrap car Melbourne car scrapping services. There are many benefits to selling your old or junk car or wrecked vehicle to our cash for car Melbourne service:

      • You get to free up a lot of valuable storage space
      • You can get the best price for your vehicle
      • You get a hassle-free quote and pickup service
      • We buy any car in “as is” condition
      • We ensure that all the work is done with the highest levels of safety
      • We get you the amount right after the sale is complete
      • Our pickup services are free
      • Our car scrappers are highly friendly and professional
      • Quick and easy sale process once you approve the quote

      At Danny’s cash for cars Melbourne, all the staff is trained and fully equipped to handle big machinery or parts such as cars and trucks. Our car scrappers remove all the vehicles and parts safely and environmentally friendly. If you are looking to buy a new car and your current vehicle is completely worn out or beyond repair, you can quickly sell the car to our car scrap Melbourne teams, and we will take it off your hands while offering you the best possible rates for it.


      Visit one of t he largest used car dealerships in the new york. Visit us today.

      car scrap metal

      Babaji’s Kitchen

      Great service. Came on time (twice in 2 days). Removed vehicles that were in a tricky spot and gave me the agreed value.. Could not ask for more. Will definitely use again. Thank you.

      car scrap metal

      Lynda Craig

      My car was picked up promptly and without any complications. I received an excellent price and the service was very professional. I would highly recommend Danny’s Scrap Metal to anyone.

      car scrap metal

      Dirge Psytrance

      Quick and honest – quoted $450 and didn’t try to pay less on site, money in account within 5 minutes, highly recommend over the plethora of other dodgy wreckers out there

      car scrap metal

      Adi Nico

      Tell you one price on the phone per material, changing it once on site then to add cheek cheating you on weight. By the time you realise it’s too late. Oh well, on to the next place, hopefully one that’s not as dodgy.

      car scrap metal

      Jackie Alford

      Organised sale and removal of two vehicles from my property. The business owner was professional, direct and honest. The driver who picked up the vehicles was friendly and professional and DID NOT try to beat me down in price. What we agreed is what was paid – and promptly paid. Would definitely recommend this business.

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