Cash For Ute

If you’ve been hanging onto your unused utility cars and you don’t know what to do with them, Danny Scrap Metal has your back! You might be hanging onto them with the hope of restoring or selling to a friend.

After a while, though, these utility cars just end up taking space in your yard. That’s why you should contact us to take care of your scrapping needs! We offer cash for cars and utes of all makes and models – and accept them no matter what condition they are left in. There’s no better way to get rid of your old vehicles than to get them professionally moved and on top of that, given cash in return for them!


We have some of the best staff out there to help you through this time. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our professionalism. When you contact us, we promise to assess and value your ute to ensure than you get the best deal possible.

All you have to do is send us an email or call is with the details of your ute. Let us know how much of the vehicle you’re willing to give up and what condition it’s in. We’ll take this burden off your shoulders and give you something that you can actually use in exchange. You might even find yourself being surprised by how much money we give you!

A lot of scrap yard companies have a hard time collecting scrap metal from their clients. Whether this is because of schedules or because of how they operate, we have the solution to this problem.

We offer our services to anyone who’s based around Melbourne and since we’re open 6 days a week, we’ll always find a day and hour that works for you! Once you make this appointment, we can go take your ute off your hands.

We function out of bank transfers or cheques because of new regulations, but that won’t stop you from getting your money’s worth! To start conducting business with us, feel free to contact us! We’re only an email or a phone call away!

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