Common Summer Items That Can Make You Money

Entering the New Year, there are always bills and extra costs that we are always concerned about. After Christmas, it’s a great time to collect someone of your leftover, broken and unwanted clutter and make some extra money.

Depending on your location, you can get paid to recycle everyday items that you have laying around your home.

Here are some common options.

Air Conditioning Units

While these many seem obvious, air conditioning units are going to become more and more prevalent during the summer months. With people taking their window units out of storage they may find they no longer work or they simply want to update them. So be sure to keep an eye out for air conditioning units.

Outdoor Pool Equipment

With the warm weather upon us, it means that homeowner are now preparing their outdoor pool areas for summer time fun. However, whilst in the process of cleaning, testing and setting up they may find that their equipment is not working properly or it’s become damaged in storage. The pool pump may no longer be working at full capacity, the pool heater could be broken or the aluminum/stainless steel ladders could be buckled and bent. All these items can be taken to your local scrap yard and exchanged for money. Also, above ground pool walls are often made out of aluminum.

BBQ / Outdoor Cooking Items

Summer brings with it the popular need to entertain. BBQ’s get turned on and cold drinks start flowing. But this is also the time you need to check to see if your bbq is in good, working order. If it’s not, or you have simply decided to upgrade your old bbq, keep in mind they are worth some good money at your local scrap yard. Often the top and bottom of the bbq is made from stainless steel or aluminum, you can use a magnet to check this.


Aluminum Cans

Because summer is the time for entertaining in Australia, there no doubt going to be an endless supply of cans around your home. Remember to save the cans (and crush them) and take them to your local scrap yard. It takes about 66 cans to make 1 kg and depending on the buying rate of aluminum, it might be worth collecting and crushing the cans and taking them in at the end of summer for a larger pay out.

Car Batteries

Whilst these are not typically copper, steel or aluminum, car batteries are something that most scrap yards will pay you money for. If the scrapyard closest to you does not accept them, speak to your local auto parts specialist and see if they are able to point you in the direction of someone that pays cash for old batteries.

Cashing In

Now that you have collected your metals – you’re ready to cash in. You’ll want to take your goods to the local scrapyard. It’s best to call ahead and figure out which scrapyard is offering the best prices for the items you have. Some yards will pay you in cash, others will pay you in the form of a cheque.

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