Earn Extra Money by Collecting Scrap Metal

The scrap metal industry is one of the biggest and most important recycling industries in Australia. By recycling scrap metal, we create a much greener living environment because these recycling methods keep metals and old vehicles out of landfills and preserve our world’s natural resources for future generations. Recycling scrap metal also consumes much less energy than the process of harnessing metals from natural resources. But that isn’t all. Recycling industries and scrap metal companies like Danny’s Scrap Metal play a huge role in the economy by creating job opportunities for many people.

You can also benefit from the opportunities that scrap metal companies create here in Melbourne. Collecting and selling scrap metal to Danny’s Scrap Metal is a great way to earn extra money on the side. There is good money to be made in scrap metal, and if you are serious about doing business, there is a possibility to earn a living from collecting and selling scrap metals.

Melbourne Is A Good Place to Find Scrap Metal

Melbourne is a busy, big city, with plenty of people. That means plenty of scrap metal. There are tons of people with lots of scrap metal items such as old cars, bikes, tools, car parts, and more that can be recycled into scrap metal. All you have to do is find out how to reach these people so you can buy these metals from them.

Learn the Different Types of Scrap Metal

There are quite a few different types of scrap metal, but most metals fall under two major categories:

  1. Ferrous metals – These metals contain iron, and thus have magnetic characteristics.
  2. Non-ferrous metals – These metals are non-magnetic and are usually a metal like copper, brass, stainless-steel, bronze, or aluminium.

It’s important to learn to identify the difference between types of scrap metal, because non-ferrous metals are usually more valuable than ferrous metals. You can earn a lot more money by sorting your scrap metal. Without sorting these items, the entire bulk of your load will be weighed and you will be paid based on the current rate of ferrous scrap metals. By sorting your metals, you can weigh non-ferrous items aside and earn a lot more for your loads. Some non-ferrous metals are also a lot more valuable than other non-ferrous metals. Copper, for example, has a much higher value and is much more sought after than aluminium.

You should also understand that not all metal items of the same metal type have the same composition. Stainless-steel, for example, can contain a certain amount of iron, steel, and other metal in order to get a specific characteristic to be deemed stainless-steel.

You Will Need Transportation

If you are planning on making money from scrap metal, then you will need a reliable mode of transportation. You need a trailer so you can pick up scrap metal for residents and bring these loads to Danny’s Scrap Metal. If you already have a vehicle that can be used for hauling scrap metal, then you are already halfway there.

Only Sell To Reputable Scrap Companies

It is important to only sell your scrap Car to a reputable scrap metal company like Danny’s Scrap Metal. Our company operates at high standards and we use the most eco-friendly recycling methods in order to keep Australia green and healthy. We also pay cash on the spot for all scrap metal items you can collect and sell to us.

With a good scrap metal company, there is always a way to earn a few extra dollars, or perhaps even turn scrap metal collecting into your own full-time job.