Industrial Bin Service

Need a bin for your industrial project or business? We can help!

Industrial scrap metal can be dangerous if not properly disposed of and managed. Not to mention that, if you do it incorrectly, it could be costly — you could be saddled with fines or lose money and time trying to figure out how to get rid of it. 

To help contain the industrial scrap from a worksite, construction job, factory, or any other business, we provide our customers with the highest quality industrial bin services tailored to their needs.

Open 6 days a week, Danny Scrap Metal can offer pick up and drop off options for our industrial bins that suit you best, and let you get back to working on your project faster.

No more worrying about getting rid of industrial scrap — we will take care of it!

Call us at 0416 100 119 or leave us a message to start organising your industrial bin service today!

Industrial bin disposal that you can count on 

All of our team members are well-versed in all Victorian waste management procedures, standards and regulations. We can ensure that your business is always in compliance and guide you through the best ways to take care of any industrial scrap generated by your business.

With a tailored plan for your industrial bin, we can help you to:

—Reduce the costs of disposing of industrial scrap

—Avoid legal or safety complications from mismanaged waste

—Do your part for the environment

If your industrial scrap metal needs warrant an industrial bin, you can trust that Danny Scrap Metal can take care of it.

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Industrial Bin Service

The premium scrap metal removalist in Melbourne

Danny Scrap Metal has years of experience in the business and the best team of scrap metal experts. That’s why, all across Melbourne, our clients trust us to provide the best service.

We offer a range of bin sizes suitable for any project, so that we always have the right bin for your waste management needs.

Each operation has its own specifications and requirements which will impact the industrial bin sizes needed, the amount and the locations to best maximise your waste disposal. With our experience in the business, we can help you choose the industrial bin solution that is right for you — simply call us, and we’ll give you a free quote for your service.

No matter how much industrial scrap you produce, you can be assured that it will be managed carefully, efficiently and to the highest standards.

Why us?

As leading scrap metal dealers in Melbourne, we know how to handle your industrial scrap metal right. We strive to provide excellent service for all our clients and offer safe and efficient removal services.

We provide environmentally-conscious services, ensuring that your waste is managed in a way that benefits you while being the most convenient means of getting rid of the industrial scrap that is cluttering your site or business.

We offer the best and most fair prices for your industrial bin service — if you have a written quote, we can beat it! We want to give you the best services possible, and that means we will always give you the best value in terms of price and performance.

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To get the best industrial bin service in Melbourne, make sure you come to the specialists. Call Danny Scrap Metal at 03 9769 2413 or 0416 100 119 to talk to one of our friendly industrial scrap removal experts and we will develop a bin solution that is right for you and your business.