Scrap Metal FAQ: Here are the Answers

We all know exactly where to go when it is time to buy a new car, a new fridge, or a new stove.  But did you ever wonder where these items go once they have reached the end of their lifespan and functionality? 

Lots of people leave many white goods and other metal objects in average rubbish bins without care about where these valuable metals will end up.  If you are one of these people then you probably don’t know much about scrap metal or about the money you can make from collecting and recycling scrap metal.

If you are not sure where to start then don’t worry.  Up next we are going to share some of the best questions most people who are new to scrap metal recycling or who want to profit from this lucrative industry might have.  

Where Should I Take White Goods That Cannot Be Fixed?

You don’t need to take your white good items anywhere.  The last thing you should do is to dump old metal in landfills.  Simply keep them at your property and heap up all scrap metal you can find.  When you have a good heap of metal, you can give a scrap metal company like Danny Scrap Metal a call and all of these items can be collected from your property.  If your heap of metal is rather small then you can also take the metal to Danny Scrap Metal to get these items sold.

What Kind Of Scrap Metal Can I Sell?

Good scrap metal industries will accept all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  This means that you can sell any type of old goods and industrial machinery like tools, fridges, old cars, and many others for some spending money.  Metals like copper, steel, iron, aluminium, and many others are always welcome at recycling industries.

What If I Have A Lot Of Scrap Metal To Sell?

The more scrap metal you have to sell the better.  Scrap metal companies are happy to pick up any of your scrap metal even if it is a whole load of metal.  The metal can be picked up in a bin or trailer or can be delivered to the scrap metal site.  Even huge chunks of metal such as engines or even an entire car is a welcome metal at good scrap metal companies.

How Is Scrap Metal Paid For?

Scrap metal is paid for based on its type and weight.  Some metals like aluminium are more valuable than other types like steel.  The price of metal can change at any given moment because there is always a rise and drop in demand for these precious metals.

What Is The Scrap Metal Used For?

Scrap metal can be used for a great many things.  Old metal is often used as reinforcing in constructions such as roads and bridges.  Metal can also be melted down and repurposed to manufacture cars, aircraft, containers, white goods, furniture, and many other items.  Sometimes, weak metals are simply recycled to produce a stronger type of metal, and other times, scrap metal is used to create wonderful works of art.

What Do I Need To Start Recycling Or Selling Scrap Metal?

You only need two things to start selling scrap metal.  First, you will need identification.  Scrap metal industries need to operate legally and may need to see your ID or driver’s license.  Secondly, you will need to have metal on hand that you own that you can sell.

The scrap metal recycling industry is very interesting.  If you have any other questions about selling old scrap metal then you are welcome to direct these questions to Danny Scrap Metal so you can get the best answers.