The Many Uses for Scrap Metal

 For some, scrap metal is just a piece of junk that outlived its usefulness.  But for others, these metal pieces are incredibly valuable.  

It is very important to sell your old scrap metal to a good scrap metal company like Danny Scrap Metal.  This industry is tremendously helpful for keeping the environment clean and healthy because they are part of the metal recycling process.

 When scrap metal is recycled, these items that were once considered ‘trash’ are re-used.  Here is a quick look at the many uses for scrap metal.

Industrial uses

Scrap metal such as iron and aluminium are especially high in demand in these industries.  This is because it cost businesses much more to harvest metals from natural resources than it does to manufacture new items from scrap metal.  Here is a quick look at some of the most common industrial uses for the scrap metal;

Building And Construction – Iron and steel are used for building roads and bridges.  The strength of the metal is used to create support structures that can carry great weights.  Metal is also used in multi-storey buildings to keep these buildings upright.

Transportation Industries – In transportation industries where old metal is turned into vehicles, aircraft, trains, and ships as well as spare parts for these machines.

Manufacturing Industries – All sorts of materials can be manufactured from scrap metal.  Old metal is used to produce containers, appliances, kitchenware such as pots and cutlery and a huge variety of other products.

Food Industries – It may seem strange that food industries will use something like metal.  But metal is very handy for storing foods and beverages.  All the cans you see lining shelves in grocery stores are made from recycled metals. 

Consumer Product Industries – Scrap metal is also used for making containers of all sorts of consumer goods.  Products like spray cans are made from old metal and these products can be recycled again many times over.  

New and Stronger Metals

Old steel and metal scraps are often used to produce new, high-quality metals that are more durable. 

An electric arc furnace is used to turn small scrap metal pieces into tough metal sheets or tough metal products.

Home Furniture

Scrap metal is useful for creating all sorts of home furniture pieces.  They can be used for making tables, benches, lamps, and many other products.  These products can either be manufactured completely new or can be repurposed from old scrap metal objects.  Repurposing scrap metal has become quite popular since the modern design trend became so popular in homes.  

Artistic Uses

Some people collect scrap metal so they can use these pieces to create artworks.  Scrap metal is terrific for creating outdoor sculptures because the metal is so strong.  To create art from old scrap metal, you do however need to be quite creative.   Most of these artists also have additional skills such as welding so they can process and transform these metal pieces.

Preserve the Environment

One of the most important uses for scrap metal instead of raw metals is that these activities preserve and protect the natural environment.  Every time metal is harvested from the earth, it results in a lot of pollution and deforestation.  By recycling metal, air pollution is reduced by 86%, water usage is reduced by 40%, water pollution is reduced by 76% and the size of landfills declined dramatically. 

Scrap metal has an infinite amount of uses and the industries that use scrap metal are invaluable for saving the environment and for keeping the economy going.  By collecting and selling your scrap metal to Danny Scrap Metal, you help ensure that scrap metal is recycled and repurposed properly.