Top 5 Most Valuable Scrap Metals

Recycling industries are becoming more popular and more valuable with each passing year. Today scrap metal is worth far more than it used to be and is far more sought after than raw metals. Scrap metals are already processed and the process of recycling these metals into new products is much easier and more affordable than harnessing new metals from the earth.

At Danny Scrap Metal we get plenty of different types of vehicles, machines and metal items and we see great value in each and every one of these waste products.

Here is a quick breakdown of the top five most valuable scrap metals to be found here in Australia.


Copper is one of the most sought-after scrap metals out there because it is used for such a huge variety of things. There is plenty of copper to be found all around you and in your yard. Electrical appliances, old pipes, plumbing and wiring all contain copper. The flexibility and durability of copper are exactly why this is one of the most valuable scrap metals out there. If you have any copper laying around then gather it and let us take it off your hands so new products can be manufactured out of these old junky products.


Brass is frequently used in household objects because it looks like gold but isn’t gold. It is a pretty valuable scrap metal because so many things can be made of this metal such as fittings, door handles, knockers, bed frames and much more.


Our scrap metal company often pays much more for silver scrap metal than jewelry and pawn shop stores because this is a pretty rare metal to find in vehicles. It is also a very flexible metal and pretty valuable in the scrap industry.


Aluminium is pretty popular in scrap metal industries but still very valuable. This type of metal can be found all over and plenty of things like electronic devices, car parts, bike frames and much more is made of aluminium. Aluminium is often combined with other metals to formulate a product and can be harder to harness but it is still a very valuable metal and worth trading in if you want some cash in your pocket.

Stainless steel

This is one of the most popular recycled metal in Australia and because of its popularity, it isn’t quite as valuable as other metals. But this metal is hardly worthless since it can be manufactured into a wide range of products and it is often sought after because of its resistance to rust and degradation. It is also a tricky metal to deal in since stainless steel can contain other metals like chrome, nickel, and iron all of which can affect the quality of this metal.


Lead is a very valuable metal in the scrap metal industry but it can be tricky to harvest. Lead items are quite heavy and are very rare in pure form. This metal is also manufactured into a great variety of items. The metal is also toxic to humans which mean it is probably much better in the hands of scrap metal companies than in your backyard.

If you have any scrap metal laying in your way then give us a call. We offer vehicle and scrap metal removal services and can get all of that junk out of your way and will put it to good use.

Danny Scrap Metal is a superb company to use if you want to clear some space in your yard or get a scrap car towed away and especially if you want to receive good cash for your junk metals.