Used Batteries

Do you have used batteries laying around? Are you wondering how you can efficiently discard them? There’s no wonder why: we’ve all heard stories about the effects of batteries on the environment.

When they aren’t properly disposed of, batteries will take thousands of years to break down and decompose. Over time, heavy metals are released into water streams when it rains. When they enter our oceans, heavy metals have disastrous effects on coral reefs and marine wildlife.

Toxins are also released from used batteries in the form of vapour and contribute to the breaking down of the ozone layer.

At Danny Scrap Metal, by providing us with your used batteries, you’re significantly reducing this impact on the environment. The less heavy metals and toxins that our oceans and atmosphere are exposed to, the better.

All you have to do if you want to provide us with your used batteries is make an appointment! You can do this through a phone call or email and you can choose any day and hour that works for you during the six days that we’re open. We provide free quotes and offer everyone cash for cars, used batteries and any scrap metal they give us.

Whether it’s car batteries, truck batteries, or others, you shouldn’t have to leave these toxic materials on your property. They’ll just continue to take up space on your property. Instead of doing this, you can make the decision to rid them from your life responsibly and get money in the process!

Because of new legislation, we work primarily with cheques and direct deposits; however, that doesn’t stop us from doing business with you! If you need or want more information about how our business and how you can sell your scrap, feel free to leave us your name and number. We’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

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