Ways to Increase the Profit You Make From Selling Scrap Metal

Selling scrap metal is a great way to make some extra money on the sideline. If you are particularly good at collecting and selling these metals, you can even earn a good living out of this type of project.

With more people collecting and selling metals, these precious trade products are becoming scarcer. This means you need to work harder to get enough metals to sell. It also means you probably need to increase your scrap metal sale earnings. In this handy guide, we are going to share some handy tips to help you increase the profits you make from selling scrap metal. 

Sort Your Metals

It is very important to learn how to identify different types of metal. When you sell a load of scrap metal that contains all sorts of metal types, everything is weighted and ponded off at the same price per kilogram. 

Some metals are however worth much more than others. Copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, for example, are sought after metals with a much higher value compared to iron.

Start dismounting goods like old microwaves, scrap vehicles, and other white goods and sort your scrap based on metal type. When you take it to take it to scrap metal companies now, you will be paid much more for precious metals and you can boost your profit margin a great deal. 

Sell In Bulk

When you sell bits and pieces of metal to a scrap metal company, you need to drive to the company. 

But when you collect a large pile of scrap metal, good companies like Danny Scrap Metal in Melbourne will happily to come to your property to collect the metal for free. You can save a lot of time and fuel and increase your profits. 

Find Good Metal Sources

If you are going to buy old metal from other people, then you should work hard to find contacts that have lots of scrap metal that they are happy to sell at rock bottom prices. 

Contacts like building and construction companies are ideal because most of the metal items they salvage from buildings can’t be repurposed. Companies like auto shops or even local mechanics can also be a good source for cheap metal since the parts they discard are usually completely broken down. 

You can also branch out to insurance companies that might handle car write-offs. These written-off vehicles usually sell at very low prices.

Keep an Eye on Market Values

You should do some research on metal market prices. Metal’s value is always changing because the demand for these products is constantly changing. You should keep an eye on metal prices as you collect metals so you can get a good idea of what a good metal value or a low metal value might be. 

Sell At the Right Time

When you sell metal while the metal values are high, you can get a much better price for your products. 

Keep monitoring the market values and stock up on metal. Only sell when your metal pile is nice and large and when the metal prices are high.

Keep Your Product Protected

Scrap metal will be melted down to make new products. But that doesn’t mean that the condition of the metal pieces you sell doesn’t matter. Rust, for example, can reduce the value of your metals because rust is very hard to remove from metal. This type of corrosion can be present in iron even after these metals have been melted down and reformed. Products manufactured from heavily rusted metal are much more likely to erode faster. 

Some scrap yards might refuse to take your product if lots of rust is present and others might offer a lower price. 

Contact Danny Scrap Metal in Melbourne

With these tips in mind and a good scrap metal company like Danny Scrap Metal at your side, we are sure that you will fetch a very good price for your metal the next time you sell.