Ways You Help the Environment by Selling Your Old Car to a Scrap Metal Company

Selling your old car to Danny Scrap Metal isn’t just good for making some money. When you sell to our firm you are also helping the environment a great deal. Our company, like so many other recycling firms, play a huge role in economic development and our services makes a huge difference in our world and in the future of our world. 

Services like scrap metal companies are responsible for improving the quality of life for our current generation and work hard to create a better world so future generations can also prosper and enjoy a good life. Here are the top ways you will be helping the environment when you sell your old car to our scrap metal company.

Reduce Land Pollution

Your vehicle is made of lots of elements that might be harmful to the environment. Car batteries, plastics, and fuel are just a few examples of elements that can harm animal and plant life. When you sell your car to a reliable Melbourne scrap metal company these elements don’t end up in landfills where they can pollute soil and water.

Reduce Air Pollution

The process of harvesting and producing metal from natural elements produces a lot more gas emissions than recycling methods do. When you support scrap metal recycling you help keep our air clean and toxin free. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries reported that recycling metal can cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 300 – 500 million tons. 

Conserve Energy

Producing metal from natural sources consumes a lot more energy than recycling metal. When you recycle your old car you are saving energy and you reduce the demand for energy sources such as coal. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded that recycling a single aluminium drink can conserve enough energy to keep a 60-watt light bulb burning for over four hours. Up to 90% of energy is saved when aluminium is recycled. 90% less energy is required for recycling copper and 56% less energy is used for recycling steel products instead of harvesting these elements from natural sources. 

Reduce the Demand for Natural Resources

Every year, lots of natural elements are withdrawn from our soil in order to produce steel. Recycling reduces the need to withdraw these sources and can reduce the demand for natural resources dramatically. At the moment, 45% of steel products, 40% of copper products and 33% of aluminium products are manufactured from recycled metals. If recycling industries fail, these metals will once again come from our natural resources. 

Save Our Land

As mines dig out metals from the ground, these mines grow bigger and bigger and more of our natural forests and lands is transformed into an overrun and cut clean area. When more products are recycled, less is taken from nature and the size of these mines is reduced. More of natural animal habitats are reserved and the impact of a prospering economy on animal and natural life is reduced.

Our Economy Keeps Developing

Recycling improves the economy without taking more from the environment. We can continue enjoying steel and metal products without affecting natural resources as much and without contributing to pollution. Recycling industries also helps create jobs and assists in the development of other businesses. These jobs and companies keep people in check so they won’t resolve to natural environments for survival.


Metal recycling is one of the most important industries here in Australia and deserves your support. If you want to dispose of your scrap metal or junk car without heavily impacting the environment, then you should sell your scrap metal items to Danny Scrap Metal in Melbourne