What happens to the metal when you sell a car for cash?

Every car comes with a lifespan. One time or other your car will start to malfunction, experience regular breakdowns and eventually have no roadworthiness. One your car is old – the best option to consider – is to sell your car for cash. In Australia, hundreds of thousands of cars end up in scrap yards every year. Each of these cars contains a significant amount of metal. Let’s see what happens to the metal when you sell a car for cash.

Once the metal is separated from the car, it will undergo reclamation process. As a matter of fact, the reclamations process may differ from material to material. However, our intention is to have a basic idea about what happens generally to the scrap metal.

First and foremost, the metal separated from the car will be sorted out and weight to begin the process. Once the metal is weight and identified the varieties, respective payments will be done for the owner.

Scrap yards in Melbourne will accumulate loads of metal over the time. When such yard in Melbourne has a full load of a certain metal variety, they will have to deliver the load to a metals furnace. Furnace (or the smelter) will melt the metal using extreme temperatures (depending on the type of the metal). Usually, these furnaces generate heat over several thousand degrees.

Some of the metals are melted alone while others are melted collectively to form a mix of metal. Depending on the type of the furnace, the operation may differ. Some smelters can handle multiple metals at a tile while smaller smelters handle single metal at a time.

Now that the metal is melted and stays in the form of a liquid, they can be handled and moulded easily. So, the melted metal will be poured into ingots and from solid bricks or bars of metal. These bars are easy to measure, easy to handle and easy to transport. The ingots will be sold to companies in Australia that request metals and use them for future production purposes.

Once the ingots are sent to the manufacturing plants in Melbourne, they will use these blocks of metals for various purposes. However, before they are used again, the ingots will be melted. These metals then will be used to manufacture a large number of items.

Benefits of reusing metal

When you recycle scrap metal, you directly involve with the process of reusing waste products. The waste products will be converted into usable and valuable items.

It is true that the recycling process demands some effort and special machinery. However, by recycling metals, you help to preserve the environment. As of today, the entire world concentrates on a greener world and one of the best ways to become a part of such program is using recycled metal.

There are various vendors in Australia to offer a car for cash programs; be sure that you sell your car to a reputed vendor that gives the best value for your money and ensures that the metal is recycled properly preserving the environment.