What is a Used Car Recycler & Why Are They Important

Car recycling and scrap metal companies have been operating since the start of the automotive era.  Companies like Danny Scrap Metal is constantly helping vehicle owners breathe new life into their cars after getting into an accident or to restore breakdowns.  This business, as well as used car buyers, is part of a major car recycling industry that isn’t just lucrative or beneficial to both buyer and scrap metal company but also makes our world a much better place.

Why car recycling is important

Over half a million used cars are disposed of in Australia each and every year.  A lot of the materials of used cars and especially scrap cars end up in landfills.  The waste material of scrap car can take years to biodegrade if it does degrade at all.  Plastic vehicle parts, for example, takes 450 up to 1000 years to naturally degrade.  Hazardous waste products like plastics have a tremendously negative effect on our world and ecosystem.  But the effects of vehicle disposal don’t end at degrading.  Every time a vehicle is disposed off, a new vehicle is manufactured and shipped to Australia to compensate for the loss of the used car.  And every time a new vehicle is manufactured, more pressure is being put on our world’s natural resources and our pollution levels are increased.  It is important to start recycling more cars so fewer materials will be dumped into landfills and so the pressure on our world’s natural resources can be reduced.

scrap car engine

Why used car buyers are car recyclers

Used car buyers are amazing people.  They buy old cars, recycle scrap vehicles into these old cars and breathe new life into these used vehicles.  These used car buyers reduce the amount of waste in landfills, reduces the demand for natural resources, reduces pollution and also creates a thriving economic industry along with thousands of job opportunities.  Scrap metal businesses and car recycling are without a doubt one of the most important industries.

Amazing benefits of buying used cars

Besides the fact that you are making the world a much better place to live in by simply driving a used car, there are also a lot of other wonderful benefits to choosing pre-loved like the following;

  • Used vehicles are much more affordable.  Even the general maintenance, modifications and increased fuel consumption of used cars don’t compete to the repayment fee of new cars.

  • Used vehicles can restore your financial security.  It isn’t easy to crawl out of debt so why do we keep buying new cars if an older model can keep us out of trouble?

  • By recycling a vintage vehicle you can create a much more unique ride to suit your need and image perfectly.

  • Car recycling makes it possible for vehicle owners to customise their vehicles any way they like.

Top ways to recycle cars

There are plenty of different ways to recycle used cars other than just into other vehicles.  Here are a few quick examples of other recycling ideas for old scrap metal cars;

  • 99% of battery components can be used to manufacture new batteries which greatly reduce health issues resulting from battery acid waste.

  • 17 million tyres end up in Australia’s dumps each and every year and take up a huge chunk of space in landfills.  These tyres can be recycled in many different ways such as compost bins, vegetable planters, road surfacing, children’s toys and much more.

  • Scrap metal vehicles can be recycled into small homes, garden decorations, furniture and even children’s play areas.

Used car buyers are incredibly important for Australia’s recycling industry.  As a used car buyer you are constantly making our world a better, cleaner and healthier place to live in.