3 reasons why engines can still be scrapped for money 

Have you decided to take your car apart? Does it have an aluminium engine block and you it is no longer useful? Don’t just throw it away as you can take it to the scrap metal yard in Melbourne or an auto recycler to get some cash in return. Usually, scrap metal yards and auto recyclers in Melbourne are ready to welcome engines from trucks and other vehicles other than cars. The only concern when you take the engine to a scrap yard is its weight. Usually, engines are pretty heavy and loading an engine to a vehicle should be handled very carefully. Before taking an engine to a scrap yard in Australia, you should ensure that it is free of oil and plastic components if you expect the best prices. Here are three reasons why engines can still be scrapped for money.

They have aluminium

One of the best and obvious ways to make money from scrap cars engines is its aluminium value. The majority of the parts of the engines are made out of aluminium. Particularly parts like cylinder heads are manufactured with cast iron because of its light weight. In general, aluminium we see every day is not that hard and sturdy. However, aluminium that is used to manufacture engine blocks is the cast aluminium that can withstand higher temperatures and friction successfully. These aluminium parts will be broken into pieces and melted at higher temperatures and the smelters. Then the liquid will be poured into ingots. These aluminium slabs will be used by manufacturing plants to make various aluminium items.

They have cast iron

Although smaller engines are made of cast aluminium in order to achieve lighter weight, bigger and powerful engines are made out of cast iron considering the strength and sturdiness. Particularly the cylinder blocks are made out of high-grade iron in order to tolerate high compression generated within and bear the heat. Generally, it is cast as a single piece in order to maintain the strength. This particular metal will be separated from the rest by the scrap yard people and melt it to form iron slabs or rods. This particular metal slabs will be reused by the manufacturers to make newer items. So, other than throwing away your engine, you can give sell it to a scrap yard and earn some money.

You can sell the catalytic unit alone 

Although it is not a part of the engine, catalytic unit alone has a good value. Believe it or not, the catalytic unit has platinum in it and you should know that platinum is a precious metal. Separating the catalytic unit from the engine and selling it alone to a scrap yard in Australia will give you the opportunity to make good extra money. They have special methods to separate platinum from catalytic device Make sure that you go for a reliable and reputed scrap metal yard in Melbourne for a better value.