NOTE: Due to new laws prohibiting transaction in cash for cars, we now accept either bank transfer or cheque.
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      Used Batteries

      Do you have used batteries laying around? Are you wondering how you can efficiently discard them? There’s no wonder why: we’ve all heard stories about the effects of batteries on the environment.

      When they aren’t properly disposed of, batteries will take thousands of years to break down and decompose. Over time, heavy metals are released into water streams when it rains. When they enter our oceans, heavy metals have disastrous effects on coral reefs and marine wildlife.

      Toxins are also released from used batteries in the form of vapour and contribute to the breaking down of the ozone layer.

      At Danny Scrap Metal, by providing us with your used batteries, you’re significantly reducing this impact on the environment. The less heavy metals and toxins that our oceans and atmosphere are exposed to, the better.

      All you have to do if you want to provide us with your used batteries is make an appointment! You can do this through a phone call or email and you can choose any day and hour that works for you during the six days that we’re open. We provide free quotes and offer everyone cash for cars, used batteries and any scrap metal they give us.

      Used Batteries

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      We Recycle Car Batteries For Cash

      Do you have old scrap batteries and are confused about how to get rid of them quickly and painlessly? Do you want to earn cash for scrap car batteries in Melbourne?

      Whatever the answer, we are here to make recycling Australian scrap batteries as easy as possible. What’s more, we provide the top cash for your scrap car batteries in Melbourne, so you can buy the items on your bucket list.

      Recycling old car batteries in Melbourne can be painful and challenging if you don’t have the necessary assistance. There are numerous varieties of car batteries, and depending on your car battery type, there may be specific guidelines for recycling.

      Some of the types of car batteries include

      • Lead-acid batteries
      • Nickel-cadmium batteries
      • Lithium-ion batteries

      Each battery type can have specific guidelines for recycling that you might need to follow. But worry not!

      Danny’s Scrap Metal services are here to assist you in identifying your battery type, scheduling a pickup location and time, and offering the best cash available.

      Want To Earn The Best Cash For Car Batteries In Melbourne?

      When scrap batteries are not recycled properly, it leads to the discharge of harmful chemicals such as lead, acid, and mercury. The chemicals then enter the landfills or water systems, including lakes and streams. We allow you to play your part to help eliminate these safety hazards by recycling your car batteries in Melbourne while earning some cash for scrap.

      We at Danny’s Scrap Metal in Melbourne know how to handle car batteries correctly and recycle them. 

      Our goal is to help you recycle car batteries in Melbourne while still offering you the best cash for scrap car batteries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

      We are among Melbourne’s leading car battery recyclers that responsibly dispose of your old batteries or professionally restore them for use. All the car batteries we purchase are sent to our scrap yard in Melbourne, where the following things take place:

      • Recycling of the acid in the battery
      • Wheelie bins are made from plastic
      • Processing the lead into ingots for export

      Selling scrap car batteries to us dramatically benefits the environment and your business.

      Partner With Us To Receive Cash For Scrap Batteries

      If you want your car batteries to recycle in an eco-friendly way, look no further than Danny’s Scrap Metal services. We have recycled millions of pounds of car batteries while keeping up with the latest industry standards and regulations.

      Moreover, owners can schedule their car battery pickup as soon as possible and enjoy free pickup and collection services. Additionally, you’ll get handsomely rewarded with the top cash for scrap batteries.

      You don’t need to worry about the details of battery recycling and environmental risks. Our car batteries recycling facilities feature an environmentally friendly approach and advanced technologies to help you recycle these batteries as soon as possible.

      When we recycle car batteries, we abide by every rule the authorities laid down. By working with us, you can also assist us in reducing the levels of environmental toxins in your community.

      Our car batteries recycling process involves the following steps:

      • Reach out to our experts with basic information about your scrap battery in its type. Based on this information, our team will offer you a quick quote.
      • We schedule a pickup date, time, and location upon quote acceptance. You can choose the delivery location at your doorstep or the workplace.
      • Our experienced logistics team then starts the process of battery pickup and collection. Once we’ve gone through the entire process, we quickly issue your payment on the spot.

      Send your queries or concerns about the recycling process and hear from our team.

      Whether it’s car batteries, truck batteries, or others, you shouldn’t have to leave these toxic materials on your property. They’ll just continue to take up space on your property. Instead of doing this, you can make the decision to rid them from your life responsibly and get money in the process!

      Because of new legislation, we work primarily with cheques and direct deposits; however, that doesn’t stop us from doing business with you! If you need or want more information about how our business and how you can sell your scrap, feel free to leave us your name and number. We’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!


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      Babaji’s Kitchen

      Great service. Came on time (twice in 2 days). Removed vehicles that were in a tricky spot and gave me the agreed value.. Could not ask for more. Will definitely use again. Thank you.

      car scrap metal

      Lynda Craig

      My car was picked up promptly and without any complications. I received an excellent price and the service was very professional. I would highly recommend Danny’s Scrap Metal to anyone.

      car scrap metal

      Dirge Psytrance

      Quick and honest – quoted $450 and didn’t try to pay less on site, money in account within 5 minutes, highly recommend over the plethora of other dodgy wreckers out there

      car scrap metal

      Adi Nico

      Tell you one price on the phone per material, changing it once on site then to add cheek cheating you on weight. By the time you realise it’s too late. Oh well, on to the next place, hopefully one that’s not as dodgy.

      car scrap metal

      Jackie Alford

      Organised sale and removal of two vehicles from my property. The business owner was professional, direct and honest. The driver who picked up the vehicles was friendly and professional and DID NOT try to beat me down in price. What we agreed is what was paid – and promptly paid. Would definitely recommend this business.

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