Car Dismantling

Are you thinking about getting rid of your car? Are you looking to sell it to a car removal company, or have you already done so? No matter what your reason for being here, we’re happy to clear things up for you.

When you give Danny Scrap Metal your car, you’re doing more than just getting money for something you no longer have use of. By allowing us to dismantle your car(s), you’re also preventing dangerous toxins from damaging the environment and our atmosphere.


Danny scrap metal dismantles cars to recycle and reuse old parts, as well as scrap metal. First, you have to make an appointment with us at a day and hour that works for you. We’re open 6 days a week, so we have plenty of ways to accomodate for your schedule.

When you make the appointment, you should let us know how much of your car you’re willing to give up. That’s because when we dismantle it, we need to know exactly what we’re getting from the car.

We’ll use your vehicle to strip it of everything we can so that we prevent as much of it from ending up in junkyards as possible. When we arrive at your home, we’ll tow your car for free and give you your money on the spot.

We offer cash for cars of make or model and what condition they are left in. If you want to get the most money possible, you should try to keep your car whole. A whole car is one that has all of the necessary components to run; for example, an engine, doors, tyres, and more. We promise to beat written offers than any other metal scrap company.

We’re willing to dismantle any car brand or type, so contact us by email or telephone to find out more information. We provide free quotes to anyone who wants to know how we work and how much money they can get.

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