How it Works

Danny Scrap Metal is the best place for you to bring your scrap metal. A countless number of people switch to our company because of our superior employees and unbeatable cash.

We promise the best rates and the best customer service. Still, you might be wondering how it works.

How can you make money from your scrap car?

To put it simply, you contact the professionals and we will pick up your pre-loved car or you can drop it off, along with all the scraps at our shop, and we’ll even pay you cash for your cars!

We accept any kind of vehicle and scrap metal. We don’t care about its condition, brand, model, etc. We accept cars, utes, scrap metal, brass, trucks, copper, aluminum, and kitchen appliances. Anything that’s laying around your home or property without use is something that we can reuse and recycle.


We know how important it is for our clients to find new ways to help the environment. As time goes on, our impact on the environment becomes more obvious. What used to be decades into the future is now here, and reducing waste is more important than ever before.

That’s why Danny Scrap Metal is proud to be part of the movement! We’ll take as much of your scrap as you’re willing to spare. If you’re planning to keep parts of your car to recycle or reuse for another car, we’ll take the rest!

We’ll give you the best offer out there. That means we’ll give you more money than any other company. To prove it, we even offer free quotes so you can compare our prices to those of others.

After you’ve seen how much our competition is willing to pay you, we know that you’ll want to do business with us.

Our company relies on our clientele, which is why we prioritize YOU over everyone else. All you really have to do is make an appointment with us so that we can go pick up your car or scrap and we’ll give you money on the spot.

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