Best parts of a car to resell 

Once you have decided that your car is not roadworthy anymore, you can either sell your car to a scrap yard directly or sell car parts separately. When you sell car parts separately in Melbourne, you should know that some parts have better demand than the others. Listed below are the best parts of the car to resell and earn some money.


Mirrors of a vehicle are significantly important when it comes to safety (the driver finds mirrors very handy for a safe driving). Despite the modern gadgets such as dashboard cameras and reverse cameras, mirrors help drivers to take accurate decisions while approaching traffic in Australia. Replacing a mirror is a very easy task as any vehicle owner would know. Interestingly, mirrors get damaged too often due to many reasons. Going for a used car mirror is very affordable than purchasing a new one; that is why there is a huge demand for mirrors in the used auto parts market (depending on the model of the car).


Even some of the insurance companies in Australia advise vehicle owners to get their bumpers repaired instead of going for a brand new one. However, repairing a bumper demands the assistance of an expert. Therefore vehicle owners in Melbourne find it easier and more affordable to go for a used bumper.

Alloy wheels 

Although alloy wheels have nothing much to do with the functionality or the safety of the car, they have become extremely popular among the car owners in Melbourne as an upgrade to the car’s appearance. With the significant demand exists in the market, you can get a good price for used alloy wheels.

Side window glass 

If you have replaced a new window glass for your vehicle, you must have an idea about the cost. A window glass is a very expensive car part if you are going to purchase a brand new one. Some windows can be extremely expensive depending on the rarity of the car model. This is why most of the people consider purchasing used window glasses instead.


The bonnet of the car is an important part that protects the engine from bad weather and external objects. Also, it helps to minimise the noise of the engine while maximising the appearance of the car. Most of the time, bonnets get damaged due to accidents and as a result of rust. It is needless to mention that purchasing a new bonnet must be expensive. However, purchasing a used bonnet that matches the model perfectly will be your ideal solution. Once purchased, replacing the bonnet is a very easy task, most probably with a professional auto repairer in Melbourne.


Just like bonnets, doors of a car can get damaged either due to an accident or rust. You must remember that replacing a car door is not the easiest task; you would need the assistance of a professional auto repairer and probably some paint work too. Still, purchasing a used car door is more affordable than purchasing a brand new one.