Five best metals to scrap from cars

Regular cars we use today are made using various materials. Most of these materials are metal. Any car has a lifespan; at the end, the car will be taken apart for scrap. Taking apart old vehicles for scrap metal has become a popular business in Melbourne nowadays. Although many people know that cars are made of steel, the truth is that there are many other valuable metals found within the cars. Let’s get an idea about the five best metals to scrap from cars.


As a matter of fact, the majority of a regular car consists of steel. Although some of the exterior and interior items such as bumpers are made out of plastics or fibreglass, main parts such as the frame, hood, door etc. are made out of steel. Therefore every scrap car has a significant amount of steel in it. In general, steel is considered to be one of the most durable and strong metal variety. The main purpose of using steel to manufacture cars in Australia is that it helps to maximise the safety and durability of the car. Nevertheless, the modern car designs contain a significant amount of aluminium particularly in their frames as a replacement for steel.


Although many people think of aluminium to be a pretty feeble metal variety, cast aluminium has strong characteristics than the regular bendable aluminium found in households items such as gutters. Generally, aluminium found in cars is capable of withstanding higher temperatures and even friction. This is why aluminium is used to manufacture even the moving parts of the engine.  Apart from the inner parts of the engine, this specific material is used to manufacture parts like doors, hoods and the rims of the car.


Copper is another common metal variety used in cars and various other vehicles in Australia. Most of the time, copper is used for items such as electronics, battery and wiring harness. Most of the time copper exists in the car in the form of copper wire and these wires help the system to pass important electric signals to crucial parts of the car. Apart from that, copper can be found in alternators and starters.