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5 Quick Ways to Make Some Extra Christmas Spending Money

5 Quick Ways to Make Some Extra Christmas Spending Money

5 Quick Ways to Make Some Extra Christmas Spending Money

Christmas time is the most expensive season of the year.  This is mostly because gifts have become so pricey and all of those beautiful Christmas decorations you want to hang about your home can also be pretty expensive.  On top of that, Christmas is the one day when everyone wants to enjoy a divine Christmas dinner.  

It is always good to start saving up money for Christmas early.  But if you still find yourself short on spending money for this expensive season then perhaps it is time for you to look at the following concepts so you can make more money quickly.

Collect and Sell Scrap Metal

Selling scrap metal is a great way to make some extra spending money.  Selling scrap metal is also terrific for the environment.  Take a look around to see if there are any metal items that you can collect and sell.  Metal such as scrap car, old car rims, an engine block, old metal tools, old metal furniture, tin foil, and white goods are all great for making some extra money.  You can also hear from others in your neighbourhood to collect scrap metal that they don’t want anymore.  Before you know it, you will have a nice and big pile that you can trade for some extra money for Christmas. 

Sell an Old Car

If you have an extra old car sitting in the garage then this is an ideal opportunity to get the money you need without lifting a finger.  Sell your old car to an auto dealer so you can get the money you need for all of those nice gifts and that tasty Christmas dinner.  Selling an old car is also a great way to save money throughout the year because you won’t have to pay for that extra licensing fee any longer.

Have a Yard Sale

Everyone has some stuff that they keep but never use.  Items like kitchen appliances, old desk lamps, an old TV set, and old smartphones only end up collecting dust and wears down over time if you keep clinging to them.  Have a yard sale or sell on social media so you can clear up some space, de-clutter, and get some extra money. 

Try Flipping

Flipping items can be a good way to make some money on the sideline.  This method involves looking for items at bargain prices.  You then buy items like used cars, used furniture, and tools and re-sell them at a small profit.  Flipping goods can be a great way to make some money for Christmas and might just turn into a full-time job to help you earn extra throughout the year.

Sell Baked Goods

During the festive season, people have a lot to do and there usually isn’t time for chores such as baking.  A great way to make some money is by selling home-baked treats.  Try to focus on foods that are very popular during the festive seasons such as cookies, rusks, fruit cakes, and other treats.  By selling in your neighborhood, you could just make up the extra money you need to get a loved family member that extra special gift. 

It is never too late to get your hands dirty.  With just a bit of creativity and effort, there is always a way to make some extra money on the sideline.  That extra work seems like a tough proposition at the moment but the rewards will be worth the extra effort when you can sit back, relax and have a wonderful and very merry Christmas and New Year. 


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Great service. Came on time (twice in 2 days). Removed vehicles that were in a tricky spot and gave me the agreed value.. Could not ask for more. Will definitely use again. Thank you.

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Lynda Craig

My car was picked up promptly and without any complications. I received an excellent price and the service was very professional. I would highly recommend Danny’s Scrap Metal to anyone.

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Dirge Psytrance

Quick and honest – quoted $450 and didn’t try to pay less on site, money in account within 5 minutes, highly recommend over the plethora of other dodgy wreckers out there

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Adi Nico

Tell you one price on the phone per material, changing it once on site then to add cheek cheating you on weight. By the time you realise it’s too late. Oh well, on to the next place, hopefully one that’s not as dodgy.

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Jackie Alford

Organised sale and removal of two vehicles from my property. The business owner was professional, direct and honest. The driver who picked up the vehicles was friendly and professional and DID NOT try to beat me down in price. What we agreed is what was paid – and promptly paid. Would definitely recommend this business.

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