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How Natural Elements Affect Different Types Of Old Metal (And Where To Sell Old Metal)

How Natural Elements Affect Different Types Of Old Metal (And Where To Sell Old Metal)

Most scrap metal collectors will keep collecting until they have a very large pile of scrap metal before selling. This strategy is quite convenient since they won’t have to travel as often for deliveries. In fact, if you use the right scrap metal company, you won’t have to hire a trailer for drop-offs at all since they are happy to collect large piles for free.

It can take a while to create a nice and big pile of scrap metal and you might be worried about the condition of the metal in the meantime. Will natural elements like rain cause the metal to rust or deteriorate? Can this affect the price of the metal? Let’s find out.

Will Metal Deterioration Affect The Sales Price

The short answer is yes. Metals like iron can become a lot lighter as they rust away. It is also a lot more challenging for recycling firms to smelt down and repurpose old rusted metal because the integrity of the metal will be affected. Some metal types are, however, completely rust and corrosion-resistant and will stay in good shape no matter how much time passes. You will still get a very good price for these non-corrosive metals no matter how dirty or old they might get.

How Natural Elements Affect Different Metal Types

Natural elements like wind, rain, UV rays, and natural organisms in the soil can have a pretty big impact on any structure or material that is constantly exposed to these elements. But no two metal types react in the same way. Here is a quick look at how common metal types will look if you leave them out in the open for a long time.


Iron metal is often used in steel, cast iron, and some alloy metal types. Iron is one of the most vulnerable metal types in terms of rust. This metal is the most common type and it is found in all sorts of building structures or products including vehicles. If the bare, untreated metal is exposed to oxygen and moisture, it can quickly start to corrode.


Alloy is a type of metal that is often combined with other metal types like copper, brass, or iron to enhance the strength of these metals. If a metal contains a lot of alloy, it can rust because it is a corrosive metal. Alloys that are mixed with non-ferrous metals like copper do, however, have a much slower rusting rate compared to those that are mixed with iron. 


Copper is completely corrosion-resistant. If copper is exposed to air, it will react and the exterior layer might corrode and turn green. This can happen much quicker in coastal regions where there is a lot of salt present and the corrosion rate can also speed up if copper is exposed to ammonia, sulfur, or oxidizing acids. Only the exterior of copper will corrode while the interior will stay protected. Copper should stay in perfect shape no matter how much time passes. There is no need to protect this metal from natural elements since nothing can affect the structural integrity of copper.


Steel like stainless steel is made from iron, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, and oxygen. A high-quality stainless steel with a small percentage of iron won’t rust or deteriorate when exposed to natural elements.  Poor quality steel with a higher iron content can, however, rust or develop rust spots if exposed to natural elements. In most cases, only the exterior of stainless steel objects will be affected.


Lead is also highly corrosion resistant and it isn’t too likely to corrode if exposed to natural elements. This metal will stay in good shape even in marine conditions. 

Where To Sell Old Metal

Even if your old iron metal is a bit rusty, you can still get a pretty good price for it by taking it to the right scrap metal company. Danny Scrap Metal is a superb scrap metal firm to use if you have a lot of old metal to sell. This company is happy to accept any type of metal including iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, and much more and they pay a good price for any metal they can get their hands on. 

It is always best to sell iron while it is still in good shape but just because it is a little bit rusty doesn’t mean you cannot get a good price for it. Give Danny Scrap Metal a call if you want to find out more about their prices or if you want to arrange a pickup for your large load of metal.

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