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Questions to Ask to Get the Best Price for Your Unwanted Car

Questions to Ask to Get the Best Price for Your Unwanted Car

Get the Best Price for Your Unwanted Car

Questions to Ask to Get the Best Price for Your Unwanted Car

Getting rid of your old used car shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you have the likes of cash for car services readily available to you. When it comes to getting rid of your car quickly, there is no going past the superfast service they provide.

But before jumping the gun and getting rid of your vehicle, it is best to sit back and think what you can do to get the best price. There is no point getting rid of your car for nothing when you can get some solid cash for it. So before you get that tow truck to come to your home, take a few minutes and ask the following questions:

Do You Accept All Types Of Vehicles? 

You will be surprised to learn that not all cash for car services take all makes and models of cars and vehicles. Some will only take trucks and heavy-duty vehicles; while others focus on newer or smaller model cars. When you are speaking to a professional, always start off by asking if they are going to take your vehicle – and give you good money for it. No point in giving it away for free if you can get some money from it somewhere else.

Will You Pick It Up And How Much? 

Getting rid of your car or vehicle shouldn’t cost you a cent. So when speaking to a cash for car professional in Melbourne, ask if they do free pick and car removal. Some vendors won’t if you are too far away (as it costs them fuel and time), so they will seek to recoup their losses. Always search for a company that offers free car removal and pick-up services. If they do, you’re ready to go.

How Do You Measure My Car For Value? 

So how do you get the best deal for your old used car? You have to determine how the vendor measures the value of your vehicle. They can take into account many different factors, including the condition of the car, how it is working, the internal structures, as well as the typical details: make, model and year. All this will be taken into consideration when they are deciding on your car.

Can You Negotiate? 

Don’t just settle for what you get offered. Haggle back, so you get the best deal on the market. You want the best value for your car, so you can’t settle for anything. Take your time and negotiate the best bargain for your vehicle.

We hope that these questions will give you clarity on how to approach cash for car services in Melbourne. If you are looking to get the best value, you don’t have to go far with Danny’s Scrap Metal a phone call away! We will help you and guarantee you the best deal. Speak to us today for a free quote on your used car.


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Babaji’s Kitchen

Great service. Came on time (twice in 2 days). Removed vehicles that were in a tricky spot and gave me the agreed value.. Could not ask for more. Will definitely use again. Thank you.

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Lynda Craig

My car was picked up promptly and without any complications. I received an excellent price and the service was very professional. I would highly recommend Danny’s Scrap Metal to anyone.

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Dirge Psytrance

Quick and honest – quoted $450 and didn’t try to pay less on site, money in account within 5 minutes, highly recommend over the plethora of other dodgy wreckers out there

car scrap metal

Adi Nico

Tell you one price on the phone per material, changing it once on site then to add cheek cheating you on weight. By the time you realise it’s too late. Oh well, on to the next place, hopefully one that’s not as dodgy.

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Jackie Alford

Organised sale and removal of two vehicles from my property. The business owner was professional, direct and honest. The driver who picked up the vehicles was friendly and professional and DID NOT try to beat me down in price. What we agreed is what was paid – and promptly paid. Would definitely recommend this business.

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